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An Institution in the Community

Pastore Music Inc has been a fixture in the music community since 1939. 

Pastore Music got its start when Jerry’s grandfather Dominic established it in the same building it still occupies on 32nd street near busy Bergenline Avenue. At that time, it offered music instruction and accordion sales.

Over the years, Pastore began selling other instruments (string, brass, keyboards) and audio equipment and lighting, added repair services, and developed a sound division focused on sound systems consulting and installations. Now 55, Jerry started in the stockroom at age 13, was running the business at 18, and purchased it from his father, Robert, when he was 27.

RonaldoNo one’s been there longer than in-house luthier (a creator and repairer of stringed instruments) Ronaldo Orlandoni. A recognized name within the music industry for instrument repair/restoration and for crafting custom guitars played by top musicians (Blue Oyster Cult, The Allman Brothers, and Johnny and Edgar Winters, for example), he joined Pastore as a part-time accordion repairer nearly 50 years ago after emigrating from Italy where he had apprenticed at guitar factories. Maestro Orlandoni became the driving force behind Pastore’s full-service instrument repair shop and custom guitar manufacturing.