Chauvet TRUSST CT290490C 2-way 90 Deg Corner


2-way 90° Corner helps you easily make octagons and works with Trusst's 12-inch (290-millimeter) wide piece of Truss. Features: Manufactured from high-grade and lightweight aluminum which is easy for transportation and setup Carefully crafted by SLV-certified welders Compatible with many TRUSST® accessories to create an astonishing and custom presentation Easily create octagons with multiple pieces Many options available to achieve custom designs and unique structures Includes connecting hardware Specifications: Length: 1.64 ft (0.5 m) Outer diameter tube: 2 in (50 mm) Dimensions: 11.42 x 11.42 in (290 x 290 mm) Diagonal bracing: 0.75 in (20 mm) Wall thickness: 0.08 in (2 mm) Weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg) Approvals: SLV

Model: CT290490C
Manufacturer: Chauvet
Chauvet TRUSST CT290490C 2-way 90 Deg Corner
Price: $229.95

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