Hosa MID-315 MIDI to MIDI (STD) 15' Cable


If you need a quality, low-cost MIDI cable, check out Hosa Technologies' black, 15' MIDI to MIDI Standard Cable. With a dense spiral copper shield to block interference and nickel-plated connector pins for precise data transfer, the MIDI to MIDI Standard Cable is an inexpensive option for connecting your MIDI-compliant devices. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) The MIDI protocol allows communication between a computer and a digital synthesizer (keyboard, drum machine, etc.) by transmitting how the notes are to be produced. For example, commands like note-on, note-off, pitch-shift, and tempo create much smaller files and more realistic music, relying on the synthesizer to create the basic tones. Discreet 5-Pin Connectors Each of the five pins on the connectors of these MIDI cables is wired to support all MIDI functions, including uploading and downloading data and relaying SysEx information. Cost-Conscious Design The injection-molded connector bodies with built-in strain relief are rugged and dependable, and the stranded copper conductors are surrounded by a dense copper shield to ensure long life and interference-resistant data transfer. Colors and Lengths These cables are available in black, red, white, blue and orange, allowing for more options when using multiple devices. In addition, Hosa makes their cables in a variety of lengths to suit virtually any application. Cable Type 5-Pin to 5-Pin MIDI Length 15' (4.57 m) Ideal Application To connect two MIDI-compliant components together, such as a keyboard to a computer Cable Conductors 4-Stranded bare copper Gauge 26 AWG Shielding Copper braid Dielectric (Insulation) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Impedance Not Specified by Manufacturer Capacitance Not Specified by Manufacturer Jacket Red PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Connectors Shielding OFC Spiral Connector 1 5-Pin MIDI--male Connector 2 5-Pin MIDI--male Contacts Nickel-plated copper Body Injection-molded PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Interface Required (2) MIDI jacks--female Standards Certification None Warranty Limited lifetime

Model: MID-315
Manufacturer: Hosa
Hosa MID-315 MIDI to MIDI (STD) 15' Cable
Price: $9.00

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