Latin Perc LP208 Vibra Slap II


The Latin Percussion Vibra Slap II is an indispensible part of any percussion toolbox. It's incredibly easy to use, gives you a warm, woody rattling tone, and is made from quality materials. The Vibra Slap II evolved from the original Vibra Slap, which was created to provide a reliable alternative to the more delicate and less consistent rattling horse jawbone. To get different tones from this instrument, simply rotate the sound chamber. If you're looking for a distinctive-sounding percussion instrument that's easy to play, check out the Vibra Slap II! Latin Percussion Vibra Slap II Features: A very popular percussion instrument Wood ball and sound chamber metal frame/handle Warm, crisp sound Easy to play

Model: LP208
Manufacturer: Latin Perc
Latin Perc LP208 Vibra Slap II
Price: $45.00

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