Behringer HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones


Pro-style DJ headphones. BEHRINGER HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones provide professional features a DJ needs at a price that will surprise you. Now you CAN have it all”amazing sound, stylish comfort and real value. What Do DJs Need From Their Headphones? DJs are just like any other professional who relies on their ears for a living. Above all else, they need clean, accurate audio reproduction. BEHRINGER HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones deliver on this with massive 50 mm neodymium drivers. That means when you wear these headphones, you not only get loud, clean sound “ you also get deep, powerful bass. So, no matter what kind of music you listen to, youTMll hear everything from the gut-shaking lows to the lip-smacking highs. Great Sound Mixed With Style! Having great sound is one thing, but being a DJ is also about style. You donTMt just have to sound good”you have to look good, too. The HPX6000 takes style and comfort to a whole new level! On top of their rugged construction, Behringer made sure to choose the right materials to give these headphones a classic look and feel. From the soft touch rubberized coating to the leather ear cushions and headband pad, these phones feel fantastic on your head or in your hands. And there's an included carrying bag in the package to make sure they stay that way. Comfort is Key So even though they look and sound amazing, if they arenTMt comfortable that' a deal breaker. You wear your headphones all night long, so these cans were made to be comfortable, and you can adjust just about every aspect of the HPX6000s. The headband and ear cups are fully articulated and adjustable, and can be worn on the head or around the neck single cup style. They are also foldable, allowing for easy carrying and storage. To top it all off, the detachable cable makes it even easier to store them away. FEATURES Superior sound quality with wide frequency response and enhanced bass Ultra-high dynamic range 50mm high output neodymium drivers Single sided removable cable with 1/8 jack and 1/4 gold plated adapter Adjustable headband with foldable, swiveling earcups High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life DJ in style and comfort.

Model: HPX6000
Manufacturer: Behringer
Behringer HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones
Price: $54.95

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