Blackstar FLYBASS 3W Bass Combo Amp


The GAIN control adjusts the preamp instrument level and also the amount of overdrive. When the Clean Channel is selected, low to medium settings will deliver a clean sound and as the Gain is increased clockwise the sound will gradually become more overdriven. When the Overdrive channel is selected (OD switch) there will be moderate overdrive at all Gain settings, which again increases as the control is turned clockwise. EQ CONTROL The EQ control allows the user to adjust the depth of the EQ curve for preferred tonal response. Fully anti-clockwise is relatively flat with a slight mid-range boost, whereas fully clockwise develops a formed mid response with a cut at around 400Hz. COMPRESSION CONTROL The COMP. control adjusts the compression ratio of the in-built compressor. With the control fully anti-clockwise the ratio will be 1:1, therefore effectively off. As the control is turned further clockwise then the compression ratio is gradually increased, depending on the signal level present. SUB CONTROL The SUB control sets the level of a harmonic generator. This produces an additional low frequency tone that is mixed in with the normal signal. It gives the perception of increased low-end girth. BATTERY POWERED The FLY 3 mini guitar amp can be battery powered or when bought as a stereo pack, it can use the included power supply. It takes 6 batteries, preferably rechargeable. MP3 / LINE INPUT Use this guitar amp as an MP3 speaker or as a general speaker for your computer. Also use it to play along to backing tracks while practising. RECORD USING THE EMULATED OUTPUT Record directly to your computer, or even run it through a PA. Use with headphones to practice when you need to keep quiet. CONNECT AN EXTENSION CABINET Turn the FLY 3 into a stereo mini amp by purchasing a FLY 103 extension cabinet and getting a 6W stereo sound. Use as your computer speakers, portable speakers when traveling as well. GENERAL Product Range Fly Bass Model Fly 3 Bass Technology Type Analogue ELECTRONICS Wattage 3 Inputs 1 Bass Guitar Input plus MP3/Line In Controls Channels 2 - Clean, Overdrive SPEAKERS Speaker Size 3" Speaker Model Speaker Amount 1 DIMENSIONS Weight 0.9KG Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 170 x 126 x 102 (mm)

Manufacturer: Blackstar
Blackstar FLYBASS 3W Bass Combo Amp
Price: $69.95

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