Axcess by Giannini CP-109 Compressor Pedal


Body: Metallic Controls : Sustain, Attack and Level Current Draw: 11 mA Dimensions: 110mm (C) x 60mm (L) x 53mm (H) Indicators: ON/OFF LED Jacks: P10, Output (P10) and AC/DC (with plug P4, negative center) Net weight: 225 g Power Supply: 9 VDC bateria or AC/DC adapter Switching: True Bypass footswitch Produces the classic effect of guitar signal compressed, with the possibility of increasing the attack and the sustain. Sustain, attack and level control knobs, true by-pass switching, LED indicators, input jacks (P10) and output (P10). Power supply: AC adapter (with P4 plug, negative center) and DC dry battery 9 V type.

Model: CP-109
Manufacturer: Giannini
Axcess by Giannini CP-109 Compressor Pedal
Price: $65.00

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